Flathead Guide mentioned as one of the "Best Promoters" in the Flathead in 2013 Daily Inter Lake Readers Poll

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Vote Tom Heatherington for "Best Promoter of the Flathead" - click here to voteDo you know what “Best of the Flathead” really means?

The best businesses are not found in polls or surveys, the “best” are the ones found in Google and Bing search results!  Your business may be voted the “Best of the Flathead”, but if you are not listed on page one of Google that title offers little or no value to your business.

Search is the only contest we need to win because the business world is driven by search – your business will prosper or perish based on your website’s performance in search results. Read this important marketing story for Flathead businesses.

One of the “Best Promoters of the Flathead”

Vote Tom Heatherington for "Best Promoter of the Flathead" - click here to voteThe 2013 Daily Inter Lake’s annual readers poll named the Flathead Guide (Flathead Valley business Directory) as one of the contenders for the category “Best Promoter of the Flathead“. When the smoke cleared we had earned an “Honorable Mention” (4th. place).

Regretfully, we did not earn the #1 spot, but we had only been in business for about six months and were in contention with local businesses, politicians and popular personalities. All things considered this was a respectable showing, and it didn’t happen by chance.

We leveraged social media, our blog and other marketing resources to get people’s attention and plead our case for votes and it worked.  Promoting local businesses is the core mission of the Flathead Guide, and to have the Daily Inter Lake include us in their annual reader’s poll was gratifying and it proved the value of what we do for our customers.

2014 Best of the Flathead?

The Flathead Guide is a website optimized for smartphones.  Its mission is to provide visitors to the Flathead Valley a directory of businesses, events and local information readily available on their mobile phones.  To learn more about the Flathead Valley Business Directory™, follow this link for more information, click here.

Flathead Valley directory of businesses, events and local information.

Promoting the Flathead Guide means that marketing the Flathead Valley is a natural result. Our job is to create awareness of the companies that do business in NW Montana, which entails a great degree of promotion, website optimization and generally “making noise” online. Tourism accounts for a significant piece of revenue for most Flathead Valley businesses. Anything we can do that helps attract visitors is a blessing for all; in other words, “A rising tide lifts all ships”.

The Flathead Guide is a new website that is optimized for smartphone visitors. Its mission is to provide visitors to the Flathead Valley a directory of businesses and services readily available on their mobile phones. Local business sign-up information for the Flathead Guide is here.